Juniper Systems: Rugged Handheld with 4.3-In. Touchscreen, Advanced Battery

With "radical improvements" over the company's first-generation Archer rugged handheld computer, the Archer 2 promises better overall performance, a brighter display, an extra-long battery life, enhanced GPS capabilities, and IP68 construction.

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Technology advancements include a custom 4.3 in. Illumiview high-visibility display, which enhances screen brightness, and battery technology inspired by that used in hybrid car batteries to prevent excessive battery drain in low temperatures. Referred to as Overtime Technology (TM), this Archer 2 "super battery" will last 20 hours and up on one charge, according to the company. The new device is the company's first to feature a capacitive touchscreen for improved response and ruggedness. It also includes a glove-friendly numeric keypad for rapid data entry. It has been tested to MIL-STD-810G and given a top IP68 rating for dust and water.

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Juniper Systems

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