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SafeLOGIC-X brings the advantages of integrated safety technology to small cost-sensitive applications.

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The solution covers from safe I/O and drive technology to integrated diagnostics, safe line integration and safe machine options. It is programmed using the SafeDESIGNER editor in Automation Studio, just like the company's hardware-based SafeLOGIC solution, so when requirements outgrow the software version it is easy to switch to a dedicated controller. The safety applications can be scaled and configured to meet the requirements of systems of any size. As safe input and output modules are added to a safety controller, existing programming code can simply be reused without having to make a single change. Switching over also doesn't require recertification, saving time and money. The product is solely a software-based solution; extra safety controller hardware is not needed. While safety functions are distributed across existing hardware components on the network, the safety application itself runs on a safe input module. All parameter and configuration management is handled on the standard controller. Safe user interface functionality is handled by the visualization device.

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