Moore Industries: Low Power Option for Oil Well Instrumentation

The low-power option makes the products suitable for use in remote applications such as oil and natural gas wellheads where power supplies are limited and harsh environmental conditions often exist.

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Products that have recently added the 12 VDC power supply option include the CPA 4-Wire PC-Programmable Alarm, CPT 4-Wire PC-Programmable Signal Isolator and Converter, the ECA 4-Wire Current and Voltage Alarm, the ECT 4-Wire Signal Isolator, Converter, Repeater and Splitter and the TMZ 4-Wire PC-Programmable MODBUS Temperature Transmitter & Signal Converter. These products join the company's existing products that offer 12 VDC or low voltage capabilities including the HCS HART Concentrator System, the LRX 3-Wire Low-Power Temperature Transmitter and the EPX2 3-Wire Voltage-to-Pressure (E/P) Transmitter. Low voltage instrumentation is increasingly required for installations with solar and battery sources as their primary means for operational power in remote areas. All of these products are designed for harsh conditions. They are suitable for extreme ambient operating conditions and offer exceptional RFI/EMI protection against the harmful effects of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

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