Acromag: Process Transmitters Add Temperature and Resistance Measurement Options

New offerings in the TT230 and TT330 series are designed to deliver flexibility while maintaining optimal performance.

Aw 20135 1312np Acromag

These isolated signal conditioners support RTD/resistance and potentiometer/thermistor input signals and feature high-density mounting on DIN rails,. With a USB connection to a PC, precise configuration using Windows software is simple. Wiring terminals are front-facing and removable for easy connections and maintenance. Each model accommodates a variety of signal types selected in the configuration software. The TT234 and TT334 interface 100-100 kO via potentiometer/slidewire or 100-1 MO from a thermistor/rheostat. The TT235 and TT335 accept 100 O, 200 O, 500 O, or 1000 O platinum RTD; 120 O nickel RTD; 10 O copper RTD; or 0-450 O linear resistance inputs. Output is ±20 mA, 0-20 mA, or 4-20 mA. The TT330 series also allows for ±10V, ±5 V, 0-5 V, and 0-10 V. The software allows input scaling as well as testing/calibration. TT230 process signal converters have the option of loop-power with a 2-wire connection, or DC-powered with a 3-wire connection. TT330 process signal converters are DC-powered (12-32 V) and support a bussed rail power option for primary or redundant power.

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