Advantech: Widescreen Panel PC with PCT Flexible Expansion Capabilities

The PPC-4150W is designed to meet the flexible demands of machine builders and factory automation.

Aw 20139 1312np Advantech

This 15.6-inch wide screen unit features the low power usage Intel Atom D2250, a projected capacitive touch (PCT) screen, a large number of IO ports, and multiple expansion slots for increased functionality. It features a choice between a standard PCI, PCIex1, or a mini-PCIe expansion slot which can be used to connect clients existing hardware without the need to change their existing hardware. The PC comes with an IP65 compliant aluminum die-cast front panel and a TFT LCD PCT screen with anti-scratch glass display, which offers better protection than traditional resistive touch panels. The screen axis ratio of 16:9, provides 40% more screen area than 4:3 displays. Other features include two pale blue soft-keys with the company's software installed: a home key that if held for three seconds will lock/unlock the display so it can be cleaned without affecting operation and an iKey that can be used to adjust the backlight, show system information, and screen capture. Furthermore, these two keys are customizable to further meet the needs of clients and software developers. I/O ports include: dual GbE LAN, four serial ports, five USB ports (one of which is on the side for easy access) and a GPIO connector and four serial ports which can be configured directly from the BIOS without opening the case.

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