Festo: Pneumatic Valve Terminals with Fieldbus Connectivity

The CTEU bus node makes it easy to add Fieldbus connectivity to pneumatic valve terminals.

Aw 20368 1401np Festo

One bus node with an adapter can control two valve terminals at the same time regardless of valve size, and allows fieldbus connectivity at costs no higher than those for multi-pin solutions, while reducing reduces installation and engineering costs. The bus node opens up DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCat, Profibus, and more to the company's valve terminal models including MPA-L, VTUB, CPV, VTUG, and VTOC. The terminal supports inputs and output, is independent of valve terminal size, is easy to replace and upgrade, has separate supply and load voltage for safety applications, and meets Ingress Protection Ratings IP65 and IP67. In addition, all compatible valve terminals can be directly operated with standard IO-Link masters or the company's CPX-CTEL master control and information module. The unit's diagnostics functions reduce downtime and machine failure, for example, by identifying under-voltage and short circuits.

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