Sick: Loop Safety Controller Node

The Flexi Loop Safety Controller Node Cascades up to 32 Sensors onto One Loop.

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The Flexi Loop, which is part of the company's safety controller family, uses a single cable with an M12 plug to connect e-stops, sensors, switches, lamps, pushbuttons and interlocks. The safety controllers can support up to eight Flexi Loops, enabling a total of 256 switches in a small footprint. As a result, the system requires minimal wiring effort, which saves costs and ensures fast configuration. This modular safety concept integrates all common field buses, including EtherNet/IP, CANopen, DeviceNet and PROFINET IO. Diagnostic data about each of the sensors connected to the loop can be shared via these gateways, which helps troubleshoot problems and reduce machine downtime. Regardless of the number of sensors or switches, the loop is able to maintain a performance level of PLe since it monitors each sensor individually. The system is suitable for safety applications in the packaging, commercial goods, and electronics and solar industries that require several doors, e-stops and electro-sensitive protective devices.

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