Upgraded Rexroth MLC Version 13 Motion Logic and Controller Features Safety PLC and Open Core Interface

The Rexroth MLC motion logic controller with Version 13 firmware features a robust new set of capabilities and function modules designed to make it faster and easier to implement in-demand automation capabilities such as integrated safety, robotics functions and new mobile apps tools.

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The open IndraMotion MLC is Rexroth’s most advanced automation platform: It combines motion and logic control with robotics to create a control architecture which is both integrated and powerful. It offers a complete and scalable automation system for all machines and plants, synchronized with servo drives. Its runtime system provides motion and logic control functions in accordance with the open PLC standard IEC 61131-3.

Several key enhancements are now available with the MLC Version 13 platform:

Integrated CIP Safety with Sercos: Responding to the need for standardized, cost-effective functional safety, Rexroth now offers the integrated CIP Safety on Sercos protocol and the SafeLogic and SafeLogic compact safety PLCs.

The CIP Safety on Sercos safety protocol ensures safe communication from the control unit to the drive with no additional wiring, making it much simpler to integrate safety into automation systems.

The SafeLogic safety PLC on the MLC Version 13 provides a robust expansion module to enhance the value of Rexroth IndraMotion and IndraLogic controls. SafeLogic safely controls the drives for complex machines and plants, such as printing or packaging machines. The SafeLogic PLC enables control solutions with integrated safety functions up to PL e/Cat 4 in accordance with ISO 13849 or SIL3 in accordance with IEC 62061.

For smaller to mid-size machines, SafeLogic compact allows for integrated engineering, powerful diagnosis and fast troubleshooting. Programming the safety features is easy, using the drag and drop capabilities of SafeLogic Designer, which is integrated into Rexroth’s IndraWorks programming suite. It allows for faster machine commissioning for the otherwise time-consuming development of safety-relevant application software.

Open Core Engineering: The MLC Version 13 is Rexroth’s first controller platform to fully support the award-winning Open Core Engineering system solution. Open Core Engineering combines the previously separate PLC and IT worlds into one comprehensive automation portfolio comprising open standards, software tools, function packages and the Open Core Interface, which enables the creation of machine applications and operational tools, such as mobile apps.

With the Open Core Interface, OEMs are free to choose their platform – PC, controller or smart device – and the programming language of their choice, including C/C++, C# (.NET), Visual Basic, VBA (Office), Java, along with others.

Open Core Interface also supports both Apple iOS and Google Android; with growing interest in the use of mobile smartphones and tablets for automation applications, Rexroth designed the Open Core Interface as a robust development environment. OEMs can create programs with Java as native apps, integrate smartphones seamlessly into the automation process, and support machine operators with new diagnostic and operating tools.

FlexProfile: For a host of applications ranging from form, filling and sealing to carton erection and palletizing, Rexroth FlexProfile on the MLC Version 13 offers the ability to create highly effective motion profiles without costly programming.

Drawing on our extensive library of standard technology functions, FlexProfile provides virtual cams that can be multi-segmented and cycle times that can be automatically optimized for velocity, acceleration, position or time to avoid the need to rebuild cams each time a parameter changes. FlexProfile provides masters as an axis, as a specific time, or a combination of both. By changing values in the segments, the profile can be automatically modified to accommodate any changes in products.

Suitable for the most sophisticated packaging and high-speed robotics applications, the Rexroth MLC‘s powerful processor allows for control of up to 16 robotic kinematics concurrently, and up to 64 axes of motion and logic on a single controller.

It supports real-time Ethernet communication on Ethernet platforms, including Sercos, Ethernet IP and ProfiNet for interfacing with connecting controls, drives, I/Os, and HMIs. It supports web and machine-to-machine synchronization, helping lower the controls’ cost and simplifying integration for OEMs, systems integrators and end users.

The MLC uses the IndraLogic 2nd Generation (2G) PLC editor that offers several enhancements: new visualization concept for testing and monitoring functions, object-orientated programming in project structure, new data types, new operators and variables. IndraLogic 2G also supports standard IEC 61131-3 program languages such as: Function Block Diagrams (FBD), Ladder Diagrams (LD), Instruction Lists (IL), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), and Structured Text (ST). 

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