Rockwell: Programmable Logic Controller

The extended Allen-Bradley Micro800 family now offers more features and options.

Aw 21479 1403np Rockwell

The 20-point controller features embedded Ethernet and serial ports, and a microSD slot. Pulse-width modulation (PWM) output and recipe management makes it suitable for small machines, such as stretch wrappers and compressor control. Datalogging, analog and thermistor temperature inputs are included for remote automation applications, including water-pump control and air-handling units. The LCD display supports up to eight lines of ASCII text with a four-color backlight, has a keypad with programmable function keys, and is rated IP65 for mounting through a cabinet door when used as a simple operator interface. The display shows customized application-diagnostics messages and text. Its system menu is available in several languages and allows machine builders to directly view and edit program variables, and set the controller's Ethernet address. The embedded USB port serves as a programming port to the controller. The new DeviceNet scanner plug-in option supports up to 20 nodes of PowerFlex AC drives or CompactBlock LDX I/O. This reduces the costs of wiring and installation. The new motion high-speed counter plug-in option allows machine builders to cost-effectively add high-speed counters to controllers.

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