Yokogawa: Low-Power Autonomous Controller

The enhanced version of the Stardom FCN-RTU is for the upstream oil and gas industries.

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The controllers have increased I/O to handle multiple wells, and are built to withstand severe environments. Features include the ability to handle eight I/O modules, up from the previous three, for 256 total I/O; temperature rating of -20 to 70 °C; and support for both liquid and gas calculations that are compliant with API and AGA standards. Each controller supports up to eight gas flow and eight liquid flow runs. The WellProducer application allows users to configure multiple wells per pad and automate the well pad for optimized plunger lift control, pressure and flow monitoring and control, bath heater control, gas metering, liquid metering, emergency shutdown, and remote monitoring. The controller's browser-based configuration reduces the effort for deploying a well pad and enables rapid commissioning. Simply select the devices and the flow calculations and the unit corrects for gas, water and oil to deliver corrected metering for gas and oil along with reporting produced water and water cut.

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Yokogawa Corporation of America

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