Acromag: Frequency/Pulse/PWM Input Loop/Local Power 2-Wire Transmitter

The TT239 offers frequency/pulse measurement options with precise software control.

Aw 22721 1405np Acromag

Precise configuration is simple with a convenient USB connection to a PC. Other features include an operating temperature range of -40 to 80 °C (32-176 ºF), electrical noise immunity, and surge protection. The unit has CE compliance and UL/cUL Class 1 Division 2 Zone 2 approval pending, and can be set to measure either the input frequency - multi-range 0 Hz to 100 kHz with amplitudes up to 120 Vrms (±170 VDC) - or duty cycle - multi-range 0 to 3 kHz PWM input. Output is 4-20 mA sink/source. The USB-to-PC connection for software-driven configuration makes setting ranges and calibration easier, more accurate, and very reliable. The transmitter can also operate from 12-32 VDC local power when using a three-wire connection. The unit's slim design, 12.5 mm wide, enables high-density mounting in tight spaces with quick attachment to a DIN rail via a spring clip.

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