Progea: SCADA/HMI Software Platform

Automation Platform.NexT has been engineered to provide next-generation technology alongside current SCADA/HMI technology as a native base for engineering advanced technological solutions.

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Features include .NET plug in framework that guarantees full customization of modular systems, built-in auto configuration tools to expedite development and deployment, 3D graphics through WPF & XMAL that offer improved visualization, and maximum security available to safeguard company assets. The new system should help system integrators build fully integrated software solutions for their clients more efficiently than ever before. It is based on .NET code that exploits the 64 bit system potentiality with a framework designed to guarantee reliability, openness and performance.  The user interface concept uses the latest generation of DirectX graphics acceleration to exploit WPF/XAML vector graphics technology in 2D and 3D. A rich selection of New Generation Object and Symbol libraries has been provided offering native support to the multi-touch and Kinect user interface technologies with Windows 8 style and navigation. New generation client solutions include APPs for WinRT and Windows Phone, while Web Client technology allows access via the web to servers using the Microsoft Silverlight or HTML technologies, allowing users to choose which client technology best suits their kind of architecture. The platform's client/server architecture uses the information model defined by the OPC UA standards that exploit the WCF technology in the communication infrastructures. Furthermore, the server's real time database integrates a great number of I/O drivers.

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