Weidmuller: Distributed I/O Platform

The "u-remote" distributed I/O platform delivers streamlined design and features hot-swappable slices, an integrated self-configuring web server interface and simple plug-in connections.

Aw 25417 1406np Weidmuller

The advanced IP20 platform is built to ensure faster installation and setup and designed to improve machine performance and productivity, while its high-channel density (11.5 mm per I/O slice) saves space. Using the company's Push-In wire technology, each point is clearly visible with LED status indication. The card slices are hot-swappable and can be installed, updated and removed without tools. An integrated web server helps speed up installation and provides real time network access to the 64 I/O slices/cards connected to a single field bus coupler. The field bus couplers include ProfiNet, EtherCat, Modbus TCP, Ethernet TCP/IP and many more for seamless integration into existing plant/machine networks. The high-speed system bus provides high electronic performance and works with as many as 256 DI/DOs in just 20 µs.

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