Motion Control Monitor

In conjunction with the Flexi Soft safety controller, the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC allows for safe intervention during machine operation without completely shutting down the machine.

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In the world of safety control devices, SICK uses the term “motion control” to refer to safety products that monitor the safety of machine movements. A critical use for such safety devices is to allow operator interaction with machinery without completely shutting down the machinery and critically impacting production operations.

SICK’s Drive Monitor FX3-MOC allows users to safely monitor a machine’s speed, thus providing for safe interaction between machine and operator. The Drive Monitor FX3-MOC allows intervention once it has detected a machine’s safe operating speed and maintains safe control over the machine or drive until the operator’s task is complete. Components and tools can then be quickly replaced in machines secured by a door, cover, or similar safety device. The speed monitor ensures safer and more efficient operation in maintenance mode.

Providing protection from hazardous movements in addition to creating more efficient and flexible machine designs, SICK’s Drive Monitor FX3-MOC is the ideal expansion module for the Flexi Soft safety controller—it is a snap on module to the Flexi Soft safety controller. It supports all commonly used encoder interfaces. Monitoring can be performed using functions such as speed and direction monitoring and the execution of stop functions in accordance with IEC 61800-5-2.

Encoders are centrally connected to the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC and thus enable speed and brake ramp monitoring. This monitoring optimizes protective fields, ensuring more effective use of available space.

Featuring programmable logic with special drive modules, the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC can be integrated via all common fieldbuses into a higher-level controller in combination with the Flexi Soft safety controller. This makes it possible to import pre-defined applications, thereby greatly simplifying the engineering of standard safety applications. The Drive Monitor can also share diagnostic information with other PLCs via gateways to keep cabling to a minimum.

Integration into the Flexi Soft safety controller provides important solutions for tool machine, robotic, and mobile applications. Typical applications for the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC include: AGVs (safe speed and scanner field), monitoring of machine drives, door release following standstill detection, maintenance mode on machines, man-machine-interaction, robotics/kinematics, and servo presses.


Principal features of the Drive Monitor FX3-MOC include:

  •  Seven drive safety functions: SS1, SS2, SOS, SSM, SLS, SDI, and SBC;
  •  Suitable for all common encoder interfaces;
  •  Programmable logic;
  •  Monitoring of up to 10 speed levels and 4 brake ramps; and
  •  Possible to monitor multiple axes.

Benefits include:

  •  Integration into a Flexi Soft system with one software tool and one project file allows quick project planning and commissioning;
  •  Easy logic development using predefined, modifiable, freely configurable applications;
  •  Maximum level of integration into higher-level controllers via all common fieldbus systems using gateways;
  •  Documentation of the entire safety application simplifies machine acceptance and validation;
  •  Monitoring movements instead of shutting down increases machine productivity; and
  •  Flexibility due to a wide range of drive safety functions



This video illustrates how SICK’s Drive Monitor allows operators to interact with machinery with reduced risk of injury.

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