GE: High Availability Control Platform Expanded

The PACSystems High Availability with PROFINET System helps maximize uptime in mission-critical applications.

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It enable users to capitalize on flexible configurations no matter the distance between CPUs and I/O drops and fully utilize the intelligence that exists in their systems for faster decision-making. The new system's high availability architecture includes PROFINET communications to lower total cost of ownership and simplify configuration, maintenance and operation of mission critical facilities and operations. The system provides a single point of connection for system configuration. All remote I/O nodes, whether they are 100 meters or up to 10 km from the controllers, can be configured from one central location. With built-in Ethernet switches and built in media conversion, the system provides for point-to-point plug-in connectivity. Removing the need for external media converters and Ethernet switches results in reduced cost and setup time. In addition, the user can employ a cable of choice on a node-by-node basis based on the environment and distance, which also reduces the setup time. Also essential to reducing setup time is the system's name-based configuration. This feature allows a user to set up a system, mirror it with a command to the second CPU and then proceed.

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