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Movicon 11.4 now supports data exchange via Ethernet with the newest Siemens PLCs, specifically the S7-1200 and 1500 models.

Aw 26382 1408np Progea

The software integrates all of the tools that ensure effortless, fast, and clear data flow. Data exchange with control systems such as PLCs is easily configured and guarantees top performance. Also, by using specific wizards, the software makes it possible to automatically import and configure project variables directly from the PLC files, thus trimming configuration times and reducing errors. More specifically, the S7TCP driver, which is already embedded in all Movicon installations, can be configured to exchange data with latest-generation control modules programmable via TIA Portals. Through the PLC development environment it is possible to verify that read/write access from HMIs and remote access settings are enabled, and that data blocks use absolute addressing. Exchanging data is as easy as setting the ID, rack, slot and IP address of the device. This functionality is backed with the ability to import tags: Siemens files (e.g. .s7p, .AWL, and .SDF) are read and a list of project variables is automatically populated, which saves time.

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