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Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition is designed to run with modest hardware requirements and is operable on embedded versions of Microsoft Windows.

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The software is tailored to meet the needs of end users, OEMs and machine and system builders while giving them scalability and tight integration with Wonderware Historian and Wonderware System Platform. Because it can directly connect to industrial data sources, the software enables users to access the information they need to improve plant operations and lower total cost of ownership in real time. It can directly replace a traditional panel-computer HMI while providing the functionality normally found in larger PC-based HMI systems; it offers more than 240 native communication drivers with connectivity to almost any control hardware; and its rich visualization, scripting, security, alarming, trending and recipe management functionality empowers plant operators to make better business decisions using real-time data. Additionally, users in regulated industries will benefit from features that can be used as part of a 21 CFR part-11 compliant solution.

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