Texas Instruments: Low-Power Microcontroller System-On-Chip with Integrated RF Transceiver

The RF430F5978 MCU is a highly integrated RF solution with improved read zone and battery performance for ultra-low power applications.

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It includes a 3D low-frequency (LF) wake-up and transponder interface, an integrated 1 GHz RF transceiver and programmable MSP430 core. The LF transponder can even function without a battery supply. The 128-bit AES security encryption/decryption coprocessor adds advanced security for data protection. Suggested uses include low-power RF applications, such as wireless sensor networks, data-loggers, active transponders, remote monitoring systems, container tracking, access control and asset control/management systems. One example is a data-logging and wireless-communication application for produce containers. An MCU-based data-logger on a produce container can be triggered to wake up (via the LF wake-up interface) and programmed to send out temperature measurements (via the sub 1 GHz RF interface) to an external reader when the container is within a pre-defined read zone. Security encryption on the MCU ensures that any information read or sent is only to and from an intended and authorized reader. An evaluation unit is available to help users evaluate the key features of the MCU, 3D LF wake-up and trigger function, passive battery-less transponder operation and resonant trimmings.

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