Siemens: Submersible Pressure Transmitter

The SITRANS LH100 is for use in hydrostatic level applications.

Aw 27662 1410np Siemens

The unit converts level-proportional hydrostatic pressure into a standardized 4 to 20 mA signal with 0.3% accuracy. Measuring just 23.4 mm (0.92 inch) in diameter, it can be mounted in pipes with a 1 inch diameter, making it flexible for use in a wide range of applications. With IP 68 mechanical protection, a submersible piezo-resistive sensor with ceramic diaphragm is designed for harsh environments. The sensor is also fitted with an integrated humidity filter, permitting simple installation without the need for a junction box, although a junction box and cable hanger are available as accessories for simple installation. A humidity filter integrated into the connecting cable offers easy and safe installation. The housing is made of 316L stainless steel. The unit's measuring range is 0 - 4 mH2O (0 - 13.2 ftH2O) to 0 - 20m H2O (0 - 66 ftH2O).

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