Texas Instruments: Microcontrollers Can Double System Performance

The C2000 Piccolo F2807x MCUs boost execution speeds of control tasks.

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Built around the C28x CPU, the microcontrollers feature a real-time control law accelerator (CLA) that doubles throughput, providing an additional 120 MHz of floating-point processing capability. This additional bandwidth allows designers to run parallel math-intensive or time-sensitive signal processing tasks. Offloading these tasks to the CLA enables the CPU to focus on general system tasks such as diagnostics, communications, motion profiling and more. Also integrated in the main CPU is a trigonometric math unit (TMU) accelerator, which enables the chip to quickly execute trigonometric-based algorithms used in transforms and control functions. The MCUs also feature an, enhanced pulse-width modulator that supports all digital power topologies. Three 12-bit A/Ds increase sampling throughput by allowing designers to do simultaneous tasks such as monitor voltages and currents of three-phase motors while simultaneously decoding high-frequency resolver feedback. The MCU can simultaneously process eight delta-sigma modulated channels, each with threshold comparators and a seamless interface to the company's isolated delta-sigma modulator, for isolated current and voltage measurements. The MCUs are pin- and software-compatible with earlier models for simpler development. Suggested applications include telecom rectifiers, server power, solar micro inverters, frequency inverters and automotive HEV/EV.

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