Det-Tronics: Fire- and Gas-Safety System Controller Adds Ethernet Connectivity

The Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) safety system controller now has an Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP interface board option.

Aw 31857 1412np Dettronics

This enables the controller to communicate with other devices on an Ethernet local area network. The Ethernet interface board option expands the communication capability of the controller, which has long supported ControlNet, RS-232 Modbus RTU and RS-485 Modbus RTU protocols. The controller is a flexible, distributed intelligence safety system that provides flame and gas detection, alarm signaling, fault notification and extinguishing agent release control. It integrates component communications on a reliable, fault-tolerant, digital network, and is rated for installation in hazardous Class 1/Division 2 and Class 1/Zone 2 locations. Being able to communicate using Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP will allows users to integrate a variety of devices into a single -system solution.

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