Turck: Compact Temperature Transmitters

The TTM sensor line has been expanded to include dynamic programmability and special features via IO-Link.

Aw 32622 Turck Ttm Temperature Sensing Group

These fully programmable sensors allow a user to program the temperature range required, rather than be constrained to specific ranges, for more specific temperature control. This new functionality also allows the sensor to be programmed and used as a temperature switch. The line includes several models, including remote-mount transmitters, transmitters with integral Class A RTDs, as well as all stainless steel configurations to meet different measurement, space and material needs. To eliminate problems associated with conventional transmitter assemblies, all are factory assembled with an overmolded or welded housing, and come ready for installation. The overmolded remote transmitters are suitable for applications with limited clearance because they ensure electronics stay out of harm's way. Remote versions can also be mounted separately from the RTD, for improved temperature readings by isolating the transmitter circuitry from the temperature being measured. The stainless version offers a more robust package without an overmolded housing suitable for food and beverage applications. The sensors feature a 4-20 mA transmitter. They are pre-scaled 0 to 150 ºC but can easily to programmed to specific temperatures within those ranges via IO-Link.

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