Dataforth: RTD/Potentiometer Input Module

March 13, 2014
The MAQ20-RTD31 interfaces to 100 Ω Pt and 120 Ω Ni RTDs, and potentiometers up to 5 kΩ.

The module has six input channels for 3-wire sensors, each of which is protected up to 240 Vrms continuous overload in case of inadvertent wiring errors. To be sure data integrity is preserved, overloaded channels do not adversely affect other channels in the module. Transient protection is per the ANSI/ IEEE C37.90.1 standard and input-to-bus isolation is 1500 Vrms. All channels are individually configurable for sensor, range, alarms and averaging. Accuracy is ±0.06% of span, and unused channels can be disabled to increase the sampling rate of channels enabled for scanning. Hardware low-pass filtering in each channel provides rejection of 50 and 60 Hz line frequencies. High, Low, High-High and Low-Low alarms provide monitoring and warning functions. Field I/O connections are made through a pluggable terminal block with positions designated for the termination of wiring shields. Precision, low magnitude current sources minimize sensor self-heating and cancel lead resistance errors. Input sensors and input ranges are selectable on a per-channel basis, and one to three ranges are available, depending on the sensor. Over-range and under-range up to 2% beyond the specified input values is allowed. Sensor linearization is performed in the module with accuracy guaranteed to ±f.s. The module is Heavy Industrial CE Compliant, with UL/CUL Listing and ATEX compliance pending

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