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The AC500 PM595 Machinery Controller features a multi-processor system that can handle demanding machinery and motion automation control and communication tasks.

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The unit is optimized for high performance industrial control, and is built around a 1.3 GHz processor with four 32-bit RISC processors plus an embedded double-precision floating point processor, 16 MB of user program memory and a large array of communications interfaces. The high level of computational capability allows the controller to handle control tasks involving complexities such as precision coordinated motion with very large quantities of axes, and mathematics-intensive computation such as real-time trigonometric calculations for robotics or other advanced kinematic applications. The controller also has a built-in interface to allow the company's advanced safety PLC to be connected for high risk applications. The unit features four independent Ethernet interfaces and an integrated network switch; two of the interfaces are programmable, supporting different Ethernet based protocols such as EtherCAT and PROFINET - allowing the PLC to be connected to control two different types of network simultaneously. TCP/IP, UDP, CAN/CANopen and two RS-232/485 serial interfaces complete the on-board connectivity. Further networking and fieldbus interfaces may be added via expansion ports. Suggested applications include larger-scale process control applications, multi-axis motion control systems, 'telecontrol' or SCADA applications, as well as maintenance-free controllers in applications such as wind turbines or at remote SCADA nodes in deserts or arctic conditions, to safety-critical applications in equipment such as cranes, mining hoists or automatic guided vehicles.

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