Wago: RTD Analog Input Modules

The 750-450 four-channel and 750-451 eight-channel RTD analog input modules directly connect to Pt and Ni resistance sensors, providing highly accurate reading of sensor data.

Aw 45938 1502np Wago

Features include configurability for multiple sensor types or potentiometers; a red status LED that indicates sensor errors (short circuit, wire break or out-of measurement range); a compact 12 mm profile that saves cabinet space; and choice of two-, three- or four-wire connection technology, The modules are suitable for a wide range of temperature data collection tasks in factory automation, motor and process control applications. Resolution is 0.1 ºC over the entire range, accuracy is ±0.2 K or ± 0.6 K, depending on the type of Pt RTD used (0.01 ºC from 50 to 150 ºC using Pt1000), or ±0.3 O for resistance measurement.

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Wago Corporation

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