Balluff: All-LED Tower Lights

SmartLight is a fully programmable multi-purpose light that offers up to three modes of operation: stack light, level indicator, and run light.

Aw 68550 1505np Balluff

The unit's modes of operation can be switched on-demand based on programmed conditions to provide process feedback such as cell operation status, tank fill levels or operator progress along an assembly line, or even to alarm unsafe conditions. They also have an option for a 95 dB buzzer. The unit is available in one-, three- and five-segment models with a 95 dB buzzer option for each model type. Each segment consists of multiple LEDs and can be programmed for user selectable colors and brightness levels - ensuring desired attention in the plant. The lights are designed to reduce complexity and enhance ease of use on the plant floor; as each segment of the light is programmable, a one-segment unit can be used instead of a three- or five-color generic stack light with no need to worry about spares for individual color lights to power up the stack light. The lights use IO-Link technology, making them adaptable to any major network or field-bus such as EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE or CC-Link. All configuration and programming is done in the controller or the PLC. The units also use a standard M12 sensor cable for connection

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