B&R: Library of PLCopen Function Blocks

The SafeDESIGNER library gives users working with safety-critical press applications an easier time setting up the necessary safety functions.

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The library constitutes a complete set of the function blocks specified in PLCopen part 4. The newest version, 3.1, now makes it possible to process and compare safe INT and DINT signals in addition to linking them mathematically using basic arithmetic operations. Safety-oriented function blocks are also available for converting INT and DINT values in either direction. This expansion rounds off the full range of numeric functions for the Automation Studio 4 development and configuration tool. Over the past several years, PLCopen has worked intensively on a specification for function blocks in press applications. The result is part 4 of the PLCopen safety specification, which defines safety aspects of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic presses. Also defined in this specification were the corresponding vendor-independent function blocks for the safety application. PLCopen specifications provide solutions for machine manufacturers that are open to all, not just a few manufacturers. The PLCopen Safety working group brings together engineers from leading industrial automation companies as well as experts from certifying institutions who work closely with safety-related technology.

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