Beckhoff: Small Local Controller with OPC UA Client and Server

The CX8091 compact embedded PC can serve as data collector for comprehensive energy management in plant environments.

Aw 78497 1506np Beckhoff

With a 32-bit 400 MHz ARM9 CPU and a wide range of connectable K-bus or E-bus I/O terminals, the unit acts as a universal small controller for a wide range of applications, and is fully interoperable with the company's power measuring terminals to serve as a compact data collector that supplies all information via OPC UA, enabling comprehensive energy management. The embedded PC features a switched Ethernet port and supports OPC UA, the established protocol for vertical integration within modern plant environments. Bus terminals (K-bus) and EtherCAT terminals (E-bus), as modular I/O systems, can be connected directly to, and automatically identified by the unit. In this way, a multitude of signals can be acquired locally - for example, via the numerous I/O terminals for energy data acquisition and many other types of measurement. Features include Windows CE 6; 256 MB MicroSD (optionally 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB) Flash memory; 64 MB of internal RAM; 1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbps interface and, 1 x USB device (behind the front flap); and a 1-second UPS (for 1 MB persistent data).

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