SEL: Compact Industrial Computer with 10-Year Warranty

The SEL-3360S features Intel Core i7 processors, -40 to +75 °C operation, no vents and no moving parts.

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The unit supports two solid-state 2.5-inch SATA drives and RAID configurations and uses single-level cell NAND flash. Up to 16 GB of error-correcting code RAM provides enough memory for demanding applications. The computer will withstand up to 15 kV of electrostatic discharge, high electromagnetic interference and shock up to 15 g. Out-of-band remote management features, such as Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), provide high serviceability. Users can perform diagnostics, install software or operating systems and even command a reboot remotely via a cryptographically secure interface. The company's Backup and Recovery Tool (BaRT), system monitor (SysMon) and independent embedded controller (watchdog) maximize system availability by alerting users of potential issues and minimizing operational outages should a system failure occur. The unit is cUL certified, has the CE mark (also referred to as the EC mark), is RoHS-compliant and comes with a ten-year, no-questions-asked, worldwide warranty.
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Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

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