Turck: Industrial Ethernet Digital I/O Modules with Built-in Web Server

The FEN20 devices are immediately ready for use in PROFINET, Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP systems.

Aw 88513 1510np Turck

The device detects the protocol used by listening to the communication traffic during the startup phase. The devices are available in two different designs: the small 4DIP-4DXP, measures just 55x62.5x30 mm and fits in small control boxes, control panels or other existing housings and can also be retrofitted to make push buttons and LED indicators quickly Ethernet ready. The large 16DXP variant, which measures 57x152x47 mm, is designed for the same types of application and provides up to 16 I/Os. As a DXP variant it can be operated both as an input or output. The module also provides the division of the I/O signals into three independent potential groups which are isolated from each other - which can be used for safety shutdowns - and can be centrally controlled. Both devices are equipped with an integrated Web server to display diagnostic information and provide access to configuration parameters. The Web page was created to offer a responsive design so that even a smartphone can be used for simple diagnostics.

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