GE: Enhanced Input/Output Device

The RSTi-EP I/O device combines performance and maintainability in a minimal footprint.

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The unit features I/O slices that are just 11.5 millimeters wide, enabling it to fit into compact layouts while remaining easy to access and use. It features improved performance and response time with its high-speed system bus reading up to 256 discrete I/O points in 20 microseconds. It also features an increased capacity of up to 1024 I/O points per drop. In addition, it provides performance and diagnostics capabilities akin to the company's VersaMax Modular product line. The device allows a connected controller to know and affect the current state of the process or application being controlled by providing a networked interface for control systems to connect to the real world via sensors and actuators. With it, failures in systems can be identified at the control center as opposed to the operator having to go out to the factory floor for problem diagnosis. Its built-in Web server enables the operator to look at diagnostic faults, test I/O points and upgrade firmware over the Web. This simplifies start up, streamlines maintenance processes and increases uptime. LEDs on the module and on each channel enable operators to see quickly where and when an error in the system has occurred, helping them to easily determine statuses and diagnoses. These LEDs also help to show clearly when the problem or error has been resolved.

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