IDEC: Compact Interface Relays

The 14 mm-wide RV8H interface relays save up to 40% of the space required by standard ice-cube relays.

Aw 90038 1511np Idec

These electromechanical relays measure just 70 mm high, and are suitable for panels with limited room. They work particularly well in higher load switching applications, industrial automation panels with high I/O content, and commercial HVAC panels. In these and other applications, a relay is typically installed between an output from a PLC or other controller and the load to increase switching capacity and protect the output from damage. These relays are rapidly replacing traditional 5 to 10 A general purpose plug-in relays due to their smaller size and lower cost. Relays are available in SPDT and DPDT models, and the DPDT models are supplied with gold-plated contacts. SPDT models are rated up to 16 A and DPDT models are rated up to 8 A. All versions are available with AC or DC input, with input voltages from 5 VDC to 240 VAC. The relays are available pre-assembled in a DIN-mount universal AC/DC socket with built-in surge suppression and a green LED Indicator. The entire socket and relay assembly is UL listed, and a release lever is included for easy locking and removal of the relay.

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