Safety Relay Saves Space

The PSRmini relay from Phoenix Contact is just 6-mm wide and allows for 6 A, force-guided safety connections, but at a 70 percent smaller footprint than standard 22.5-mm safety relays.

Aw 95777 1603np Phoenixcontact

The units come in two form factors, "slim" and "compact;" The 6-mm slim relay variants have one or two normally open (NO) safety-rated contacts, and the 12-mm compact variants have up to three NO safety-rated contacts. The safety relays switch loads up to 6 A and are compatible with a variety of signaling devices, such as emergency stop equipment, safety-door switches, and light grids. The extensive list of approvals, including Performance Level (PL) e according to EN ISO 13849 and SIL 3 according to IEC 61508/61511, makes them suitable for many mechanical engineering and process industry applications. With the company's new elementary relay the safety relays were able to achieve CID2, ATEX, and IECex approvals. The terminal carriers also allow the use of system-cabling solutions for a fast and correct start-up and field connection.

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