IoT Wireless I/O Module

May 12, 2016
The four-channel WISE-4012 wireless Ethernet I/O module from Advantech's Industrial Automation Group can be used without the need for a gateway.

This makes deployment easy because any number of I/O modules can be used to gather data from any third party analog sensor and connect to an existing network. With integrated analog and digital input in the same channel, the unit provides a flexible combination of I/O to acquire different kinds of signals. It can also output the engineering or physical value as sensor input using a scaling function, making the data more readable for further data analysis. Features include high resolution, high accuracy, and isolation protection for high quality data for smart factories and smart city data acquisition solutions. The device supports both wireless client and server modes that can be accessed directly without AP or router, and mobile device web configuration with HTML5 without the platform limitation. In addition, it supports file-based cloud storage (preliminary) and local logging with RTC time stamp, RESTful web API in JSON format for IoT integration and Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP and HTTP protocols.

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Advantech Industrial Automation Group