An Easy Way to Integrate Valves in a DCS

The 580 CHARM node from ASCO Numatics provides direct connectivity of pneumatic manifolds to Emerson Process Management's DeltaV distributed control system with Electronic Marshalling.

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The node connects directly to the CHARM I/O baseplate via two cables that attach to a CHARM column extender. The cables provide redundant communication and power to the pneumatic manifold and allow the node to be directly controlled by DeltaV Explorer. The unit uses native capability of DeltaV for diagnostics of pneumatic valves, and brings the CHARM redundant communications and power connections to pneumatic valve manifolds. This eliminates the need for additional dedicated networks like Profibus-DP for pilot valves and simplifies system I/O mapping. It uses a single network connection from the DeltaV DCS through the CHARM baseplate and connecting to the node and manifold, eliminating the need to use individual digital output CHARMs to drive each valve coil on the pilot manifold. The unit expands the Electronic Marshalling I/O offering to include the company's pilot valve manifolds, enhancing the concept of adding any I/O type anywhere and anytime in the plant, dramatically reduces programming and commissioning time, and achieves up to 15% savings on wiring and components.

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