Cloud Enabled Micro IoT Gateway Industrial Computer

The UNO-1251G from Advantech is as small as a micro PLC.

Aw 105458 1609np Advantech

To aid accessibility, the industrial computer comes with a programmable OLED display, easily accessible wireless communication slot, and built in CANbus. It supports more than 450 PLCs, controllers, and I/O device protocols with WebAccess/HMI software. An integrated CANbus connection makes it suitable for networking intelligent I/O devices such as sensors and actuators. To aid development of CANbus applications, the computer includes the company’s CANopen protocol library, which provides a C application programming interface (API) with which to use, configure, start, and monitor CANopen devices. To aid internet connection in areas where using wires is impractical, the unit includes an easy accessible side mounted expansion slot that can be used for installing an optional wireless card without having to open up the entire unit. The computer has been designed to be operated remotely from any computer or table with a VNC (Virtual Network Computer) client installed, and engineers can remotely access the unit for diagnosis and control from wherever they are located. Through WebAccess, it helps move from proprietary systems to an open architecture and eases the integration of different devices. The programming OLED display provides operators with intuitive system status messages. It comes with a range of default messages but is also able to be programmed using the OLED display API by site engineers so specific messages can be shown.

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