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Analog Input Modules

New additions to the MAQ20 Industrial Data Acquisition & Control System are strain gage and frequency modules.

Aw 104316 1608np Dataforth

The MAQ20-BRDG1 strain gage module has four input channels and can interface to full, half, and quarter bridge sensors using four-wire or six-wire connections. All channels are individually configurable for range, alarm limits, and averaging; in addition, sampling rate, resolution, bandwidth, excitation voltage, and choice of shunt calibration resistors are user-settable parameters. The MAQ20 frequency input module accepts zero-crossing and TTL signals with frequencies from 1 Hz to 1 MHz plus State Change and provides a DC stimulus for contact sensors. The module has eight input channels which are individually configurable for range and alarm limits. Four controllable outputs can be used for sensor excitation or as 5 V logic compatible outputs. Other analog input types in the series are voltage, current, and thermocouple modules and RTD and potentiometer modules. The system also includes analog output voltage and current modules and discrete input/output modules, in addition to the communications modules.

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