100 Gbps AdvancedTCA Backplane

Pentair has introduced its first 100 Gbps Schroff AdvancedTCA backplane, verified according to the design requirements of the IEEE802.3bj specifications for 100 Gbps Ethernet.

Aw 105478 1609np Pentair

The 100 G backplane features 14 slots, dual-dual star topology and radial or bused IPMB prepared for two Schroff shelf managers with Pigeon Point ShMM 700. It uses specially developed ZD connectors with reduced impedance steps, leading to fewer reflections and better signal transmission, PCB material chosen for high speed 100 Gbps requirements, and conforms to AdvancedTCA Standard PICMG 3.0 rev.3.0 and PICMG 3.1 rev.3.0. It features guaranteed 100 Gbps performance through extensive in house verification and a 2.5x higher data rate than the current 40 Gbps ATCA backplanes/systems with the same form factor. In addition, it is backward compatible to 40 Gbps/10 Gbps ATCA backplanes. Since simulations alone may not be sufficient and require verification once the backplane or board is assembled, the company has invested in high-quality measuring equipment and used a high-frequency 67 Ghz N5227A PNA network analyzer made by Keysight for these types of measurements. As a result, the backplane design simulations have been verified for large production runs and the first backplanes have been delivered and are already being used in ATCA systems.

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