IO-Link Master

The IP67-rated Allen-Bradley ArmorBlock IO-Link master from Rockwell Automation allows users to access more detailed sensor diagnostics in harsh operating environments.

Aw 105479 1609np Rockwell

The unit stores up to 40 timestamps of sensor events on each channel. This event history can help users track changes and more easily diagnose issues. Input timestamps of all sensor data also can be sent to the controller upon a change of state. These and other diagnostics available through the device can reduce issue-resolution time by as much as 90 percent, improve preventive maintenance and optimize overall system performance. Two versions are available: the new ArmorBlock IO-Link master, ruggedized for use in harsh applications, and an in-cabinet solution for light applications. The on-machine option requires only a single cable from the cabinet, reducing the number and length of cable runs and potential failure points. The ArmorBlock IO-Link master includes connectivity for up to eight IO-Link sensors. The master and sensors share an IP address, helping end users reduce the cost and time to commission equipment.

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