Low-Cost Discrete and Analog Input, Output Modules

AutomationDirect’s Productivity2000 programmable controller line includes additional low-cost discrete and analog input and output modules.

Aw 113230 1701np Automationdirect

New AC and DC discrete I/O modules include 8-point, 100-120 VAC input and output modules, 8- and 15-point, 3.3-24 VDC input and output modules and high-density, 32-point,12-24 VDC input modules. The I/O modules allow easy connections for photo eyes, proximity sensors, limit switches, pushbuttons, light curtains, or any other discrete control device. The 12-bit, low-resolution, 4-channel, current and voltage analog I/O modules are available to precisely measure and control process variables such as level, flow, and pressure. For easy I/O module wiring, pre-wired ZIPLinks wiring systems eliminate the need for hand wiring modules to terminal blocks.

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