HMI + PLC Software

Version 1.18 of Unitronics’ UniLogic programming software extends the application reach of the company’s UniStream, all-in-one HMI + PLC controller.

Aw 107434 1610np Unitronics

The software enables programmers to build SQL Queries and execute them via Ladder functions, including data transfer data between UniStream’s Data Tables and remote SQL databases. A simple mouse click converts existing HMI Screens to Web Pages. A programmer can create an HMI Custom Control, and then drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects as .uluce files, or add it to the Library. Programmers can also define tags that are local to a specific Custom Control; local tags are exported/imported along with the control. Other features include an HMI email Configuration Widget, the ability to edit email accounts via UniApps as well as UniApps interface translations for Russian, Polish, and Chinese.

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