Modular Failsafe Controller

The compact and modular Simatic S7-1212 FC controller from Siemens performs standard and safety-related automation tasks in a single device.

Aw 116613 1703np Siemens

The controller provides standard and safety-related functions in one device and connects to Profinet without additional hardware. It features one signal board (SB), up to two standard or fail-safe signal modules (SM), up to three communication modules (CM), four high-speed counters (three with max. 100 kHz and one with max. 30 kHz). It has 100 KB integrated program/data memory and a 2 MB load memory. It features integrated standard I/O, eight digital inputs, six digital outputs and two analog inputs, and is expandable with up to three communication modules, two signal modules and one signal board. Using the company’s TIA Portal V14 engineering software and firmware V4.2, safety-related devices, including Sinamics drives, are easily networked with Profinet and Profisafe, reducing hardware and wiring requirements.

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