Hollow-Shaft Encoders Provide Functional Machine Safety

Heidenhain’s ECN/EQN/ERN 400 series are especially useful in applications where quick machine shut-off is required in dangerous situations.

Aw 116345 1703np Heidenhain

Featuring a new shaft coupling that provides mechanical fault exclusion for connection to the user’s machine shaft, the encoders are of particular use in safety-related applications up to SIL 2 PL d category 3 levels. They are available with a blind hollow shaft or a hollow through shaft with a choice of 10 mm or 12 mm diameter. The encoders are offered with either the EnDat 2.2 or DRIVE-CLiQ absolute serial interfaces or even an analog 1 VPP output. Encoders using the EnDat2.2 and Drive-CLiQ outputs additionally feature an internal temperature sensor integrated in the encoder electronics as well as an evaluation circuit for an external temperature sensor to use for evaluation of the motor temperature.

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