20-Channel Discrete Output Module

The SIO8.20 from Bedrock Automation makes possible secure, software-selectable electronic fusing, latching and fail-safe shutdown for each 24 VDC output at 1 A max current per channel.

Aw 116338 1703np Bedrock

The unit works with the company’s OSA system and provides galvanically-isolated output switching in a compact, rugged, all-metal enclosure. It features Black Fabric Cybershield protection built in from the start. Other features include: programmable electronic fusing, with each output electronically fused to a programmable threshold up to 1 amp per channel; overcurrent; retry, which allows programming a channel to latch off and retry during overcurrent; scalable redundancy, with user-selectable single/dual/triple redundancy; high digital performance, with a 32-bit Secure ARM and an additional microcontroller on each channel for speed and diagnostics; and integrated support of IEEE 1588 time precision protocol that enables SOE synchronization with ±0.5 ms accuracy on all channels. Control application developers can integrate all such features for discrete, hybrid and continuous control applications using the company’s IEC 61131-3 compatible engineering environment, which can be downloaded free.

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