PID Controller Gains New Functionality

The PAX2C from Red Lion Controls features new Ramp Soak capabilities and FlexCard plug-in options that enable users to reduce costs by easily changing or adding functionality to meet industrial requirements without inventory stocking.

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The controllers offer flexible PID control options for process and temperature applications that require local control across automation processes. For instance, the new Ramp Soak capabilities allow users the ability to change and hold machine temperature — either up or down — for a specific time period. The controllers feature 16 different profiles and enable 20 step changes to adjust the temperature or process control for a range of industries that include factory automation, packaging, metal processing, and food and beverage. Field-installable FlexCard options allow organizations to quickly customize controllers to add communication, setpoints, retransmitted analog, heater current monitor, second analog input and second PID control features. A heater current monitor card measures heater currents to allow proactive health monitoring and maintenance, thereby helping to remove excess waste in production environments, while a second process input card supports programming for several functions, including serving as either a process input that acts like a separate panel meter or a remote setpoint that allows a remote input to change the setpoint value of the controller. It also provides the capability to easily add another PID controller to each unit.

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