Compact Low-Cost HMI

The GT2107 Wide Series Human Machine Interface from Mitsubishi features a 7-inch wide display with 800 x 480 resolution and has a remote connectivity option through a VNC server.

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Available with either a black or silver bezel, the unit is appropriate for mid-size to small applications where there is a requirement for high resolution graphics. The wide-screen body style presents a large amount of information with a high picture quality. A built-in VNC Server enables remote access, allowing users to view data in real time or operate a system using tablets or personal computer. Other features include a pair of USB ports (Device and Host) that make it convenient to transfer projects, access data logging, and connect mouse or keyboard (host compatible devices); seamless integration with the company’s other devices, such as inverters, servos, and robots, for monitoring and parameter adjustments; and an on-demand portal for accessing system information such as device monitoring, program backup and restore function, and servo maintenance. The HMI makes it easy to collect data from PLC controllers and other devices and display it in graph or list configuration for further system performance analysis.

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