Smart Glasses for Industrial AR

DAQRI is now shipping its DAQRI Smart Glasses to customers worldwide.

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These lightweight, augmented reality wearables are designed for professional workers. They feature a 44-degree field of view, a 6th generation Intel Core m7 Processor, and a suite of sensors to capture information about the environment, including a wide-angle tracking camera, a depth-sensing camera, and an HD color camera for taking photos and videos. The glasses come ready to use with applications including Remote Expert and Camera. Developers can build additional applications with the provided Unity Extension, and IT can manage and deliver software updates with the provided device management system. They come complete with a Compute Pack with DAQRI Vos Installed and provide access to developer tools: Vos Extension for Unity, OTA Updates and Device Management for Enterprises. Applications include manufacturing, field services, maintenance and repair, inspections, construction, and more. The company is partnering with manufacturers and distributors experienced in delivering enterprise technology at scale. They can become a wireless IoT device that connects with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Advanced, hardware-accelerated computer-vision technology combines simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and sparse mapping technology to deliver persistent and reliable position tracking across large spaces. Users can “pin” an AR model to any point and it will remain in the right spatial position and orientation regardless of user movement over large distances, such as an entire manufacturing facility or construction site.

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