Industry 4.0 Augmented Reality Software for Smartglasses

Augumenta Studio and Augumenta SmartPanel bring the power of augmented reality (AR) to Industry 4.0 deployments.

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Augumenta SmartPanel (shown above) is a customizable virtual control panel for industrial machinery operators; both work with binocular smartglasses from Epson, Inc. and ODG, Inc. It enables equipment to present status to users and show only the controls needed to complete necessary operations. Templates scale from a post card image to practically any size needed to accommodate specific machines and control panel layouts. Custom panel setups for different user groups give machine operators a streamlined view of key functions and maintenance teams a comprehensive panel with access to machine setup parameters. Augumenta Studio is a cloud-based tool that allows developers to quickly build device-agnostic AR applications using pre-built application templates and libraries that include control elements, meters and gauges, virtual surface tools, and gesture-control motions. Elements are selected and dropped onto the template best suited for the application and types of smartglasses used. In just a few minutes developers have a ready-to-test application.

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