Scalable Graphic Terminals

Rockwell’s PanelView 5310 graphic terminals provide right-sized HMI solution for machine and equipment builders.

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The terminals deliver the same usability benefits and integration with the company’s Logix 5000 controllers as the PanelView 5500 terminals, but are aimed at applications of up to 50 HMI screens. They are available in 7-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch display sizes; a 6-inch display option will be available later in the year. Companies can also use the enhanced integration to create high-speed jog buttons in place of hardwired buttons. These auto-diagnosing buttons can interact with the controller at I/O speeds to help reduce downtime and improve productivity. Engineers can use the terminals to scale a tightly integrated automation system down to smaller applications, which can help make design, operations and maintenance tasks more efficient. For example, engineers can now reuse controller alarms without creating HMI tags, which can help them reduce configuration time. Other benefits include the intuitive Software Studio 5000 design environment, which allows users to create reusable faceplates, screens and custom graphics to help reduce development time. These objects seamlessly integrate with Logix add-on instructions and different user-defined data types. Emulation capabilities allow engineers to test run projects in the development environment. This can help them make changes without using the PanelView 5000 hardware or disrupting production. VNC connectivity allows operators to remotely monitor operations via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

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