iOS and Android Apps for PLC Access

IDEC’s WindEDIT Lite apps run on smartphones and tablets, providing two-way local and remote access to the company’s MicroSmart FC6A PLCs.

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The app provides quicker, simpler and easier connection compared to browser-based access. Users can monitor any PLC parameter and change setpoints and other values. Data register, input, output, timer and counter values can be monitored and controlled using the standard dialog interface. The app also has a custom dialog interface that the user can configure to allow only certain PLC parameters to be monitored and controlled. Trending is supported within the app, with users able to plot multiple register points for graphical views. The app runs on any iOS or Android mobile device, typically a smartphone or tablet. Once downloaded to the device it interfaces to the PLC via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Ethernet for two-way local or remote access. Because the connection is wireless, users never have to worry about having the right cable or the latest programming software to download or upload a PLC user program, as these tasks can be accomplished with the app. Users can also update the PLC to the latest firmware. The app is available for free download in the Apple App Store or at Google Play.

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